Do you  have BIG ideas on innovative products, fresh services and good old customer service?  Let's make it happen.  Here's how I can help...

Allow me be to be of assistance!  When I first started my career in ecommerce, everyone would ask  "are people really going to purchase from a website?"  Well,  it's been a  thrilling 20 years getting large retailers to bazillions of dollars worth of transactions.

So why is it your turn?  Because there is a great shift in the way consumers and business are interacting.   Consumers want to engage in dialog, not hear a one-sided conversation.  They need ATTENTIVE, AGILE and AUTHENTIC businesses.  I am so feeling this change!

Official Bio

Megan Moyer Craig is known around town as the digital shopkeeper. Her professional path has taken her from senior analyst to master integrator to technology lead to product owner and back again.  She has collaborated with major retailers while working at Ebay Enterprise, GSI Commerce and Global Sports Interactive. Her keen sense of visual aesthetics was prized in the photography and videography special events world.  And her education is a unique blend of degrees in Fashion Merchandising, Instructional Technology, the Paris Fashion Scene and Hard Knocks!  

She has spent her career making connections:

millions of customers with hundreds of major retailers

dozens of major retailers with hundreds and hundreds of suppliers

hundreds and hundreds of suppliers with tens of warehouses

tens of warehouses with an assortment of fulfillment options 

an assortment of fulfillment options with retail, drop ship, in store pick up, ship from store, ship to store, online and anything in between...


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