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The Pursuit of Perfectly Imperfected

I no longer believe that things have to be perfect to be wonderful.  I no longer believe that shiny and new are always the answer to life's questions.  Like the pair of antique wallpaper presses above,  I do believe that a story is worth more than dollars.  That wear earned by love is priceless.  That craftsmanship from exquisite material truly tugs heartstrings.   I do believe in being honest and having excellent customer service. Therefore, I present to you my digital shop.   

When you give a gift to yourself or others from this shop, you give an experience. And here is why...

  • Personally Curated - All goods are hand selected by their history.  That could be anything from the exquisite patina, intricate detail or amazing aesthetics.  I have searched locked attics, estate sales, eccentric closets and vintage markets.
  • Hug to Mother Earth - Existing items ease up on the carbon footprint and are a glam way to recycle.
  • Stunning Packaging - All items are loving wrapped with digital shopkeeper craft paper and embossed metallic foil seals.  Unwrapping is part of the experience, for sure.  
I look forward to finding goods, sharing stories and having fun together.  I present to you my digital shop.


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